Monday, December 2, 2013

Remember This Moment

Both and E. and J. want to go to school. Since the move we know no children their own age. Well... no children at all really not for many many many miles.  And J. (my sweet little M. replica) is a very highly social child.  She is an extrovert.  I don't always understand her need for people and noisiness but I do understand that despite being with her best friend every single day she wants more.  And E. my sweet little highly sensitive child will go to school because she doesn't want to be alone and enjoys a bit of gentle competition.

So this moment right here. I'd like to keep hold of it make it last till high school at least but my kiddos have their own ideas and dreams and hearing J. tell the orthodontic assistant the homeschool can be kinda lonely nearly broke my heart.

xx Jo