Thursday, September 13, 2012

The patients recovering.

Thank you to everyone who kindly enquired and sent cards and flowers. We are really happy to report that Mrs. Moo is physically recovering very well from her emergency operation!
She is currently recovering in the very best toy hospital in the south of England. As you can see her bed has been made up with one of my best PIP Studio tea towels, Jessica assured me this was vital to Mrs. Moo's mental health.
Sadly Mrs. Moo's mental states is still very vulnerable. As she was being rushed to the surgeon after her pelvic floor collapsed the emergency crews neglected to cover her and unfortunately Mrs. Moo heared the surgeon's cries of "Mr. Moo" as her bean bag dangled out her bottom.
We are still in discussion with our solicitors as to whether or not to take the case to court.
x Jo

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