Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two weeks

There has been a dream like quality to the time since we landed in San Fransisco and traveled to our new temporary home in Northern California; so two weeks has felt like four months.
I read once (I can't remember which book but it was a psychology for laymen book) that when you are actively doing something different to your normal routine your brain registers time as moving more slowly because it is laying in more experiential memories than if you were experiencing the same-old-same-old thing. Thus time goes faster as we get older and become less curious and less adventurous...  So i suspect this year will feel like one looooong golden dream for me before January 2014 arrives. I have no objections to actively trying to make it so.
We have been very blessed in this 5000 mile journey. Besides Matt getting a job so quickly, the greencard taking 6 months less than expected and our house selling for the right price almost immediately: we have been given through pure generosity and love a place to stay for as long as we need it.  I cannot express how much this has meant to Matt and I but in reality it has been possibly the greatest blessing of all our maneuvering between countries.
So I am making a little temporary niche in the home of one of my mothers best friends. It has been a great joy to get to know her husband who is the most amazing glove to her hand and to simply feel the gift of friendship.
I will eventually try to get some sort of routine back in order but for the time being the girls and I are doing small amounts of homeschooling with a few books off amazon, multiple trips to our local library and exploring within our reach. Matt works (as always) with a lot of cheerful enthusiasm finding his feet in his new job about an hour away from 'home'. And so starts our long golden dream.
x Jo


  1. I am so happy for you! Wishing you and your family all the best this year! Maybe we'll actually be able to meet up next time we travel over the sea! xo

  2. Hi Jo!
    You sound very happy over there. Awwww, but you all feel just so far away :(
    Glad to hear that you're settling in. Am trying to save up the pennies for a trip in that direction.... one day!
    Lots of love & hugs to you all
    Sian & co. xxxxx

  3. Thank you both!
    We are settling.
    And boy would we love to see you!