Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sorry about the postmove hangover...

We have been computerless for some time. Our third computer in two years in fact. How are we managing to kill them so quickly?!?  Fortunately because they are so new when they break its all been under warranty.

If I had a computer over the last few months this is what I might have talked about:

 12 Ducks: cute when ducklings, messy when ducklings and getting messier as they get older, stinky, nightmare to pluck. Now sat in my deep freeze waiting roasting. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!! (hear that Matt... NEVER!)

25 Chickens: cute when chicks but not to be ordered by post as you have the horror of opening your box of chicks to find a load of dead ones, and they can drown in shallow water dishes... again not a nice surprise to come home to. Now a total of 17 chicks. 2 are Cornish giants, they will also join the ducks in my deep freeze- for now they are called "Chickzilla" and "Jabba-the-Chick" because they are huge and ugly compared to the other chicks.

Vegetable beds: do get someone with a tractor to till a 50 foot square area. Do get it tilled before the ground has hardened into a form of steel disguised as dirt. If for some reason the plow doesn't break up portions of the steel-soil do get your husband to wield the pick axe to break it up because you are likely to injure yourself. Do check for bindweed in the areas you want to plant: no amount of weeding is getting rid of that crap.

Weather: just because you are in California does not mean the weather and temperature will be perfect in the summer. June has been cold in our house, cold enough for jumpers and slippers and wrapping up in blankets. And now rain- lots and lots of rain. So that crackling/springing noise is the sound of all the weeds in my garden (which I only recently beat back in preparation for fire season) worming their way into the soil and springing up with glee.

So... Hello. Sorry for the long absence. Next time a proper post with pictures.

xx Jo

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