Thursday, February 16, 2012

And now... Breathe

Im finding it difficult to remember that its still only February; so much has happend since New Years I feel like I havn't touched ground since I started running full pelt on the 2nd of January.  The last week has been- if possible- the busiest days of the whole year. (Considering the year has included planning a month long trip accross the pond in two days you can appreciate how busy I've been this week)

  Today however three huge tasks have been finished, which is to say we have taken the first step in a 3000 mile journey. I want to shout to everyone I know about it and about how excited Matt, the girls and I are however...

I'm so deeply aware that our joy is going to worry several people dear and close to us.  Additionally a journey of 3000 miles is not walked in day; the thought of all our friends asking frequently how things are going/how long/etc makes me refrain in case I become like the pregnant woman who is overdue and fed up with the 'You still with us then?' quiries. Watch this space, I will let you know when we are showing signs.

So today after an insane amount of teaching, doing, planning, writing, talking, calling and cleaning I've finally gotten time to sit down with my sketch book and do something just for me.

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