Saturday, February 25, 2012

Verde Huevos y Jamon

We've been sooooooo so busy. Whew. Little bits of Spring seem to be creeping into our space. Snowdrop coated spaces, the buds are swelling on the magnolia tree and the grass looks just that little bit greener. Not that I expect it to last. We still have March to get through before the nice weather will set in in earnest in these parts.

I would like to share with you a little home school joy!

I'm not sure why I never thought of it- or have never heared of it before- but the girls decided they were getting a bit of Rosetta Stone Fatigue (an illness that makes you whine when its you're turn to get on the computer for your Spanish lesson) so they chose books from the picture book section of our multitude of book shelves to translate into Spanish! They have had so much fun, the excitement during Spanish lessons is palpable.

So for last week Kitty has been translating a book called George and the Dragon by Christopher Wormell.  It is a gorgeous story about a mouse named George who moves in next to a dragon. It is very British in its situations and language (George declares "Oh blow!" when the dragon cant lend him sugar for his cup of tea) and completely charming. It has always been one of Kitty's favorite story books and I couldn't count the number of times I discovered her reading it to her sisters.

Esther has been translating Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss. That has been so much fun. I cannot get out of my head : "Yo no gusto verde huevos y jamon. Yo no gusto Sam I Am."  I'm driving my family nuts every time I spontaneously burst into Seuss en Espanol.

 BTW I am Loving this months Mollie Makes. Best issue yet!

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  1. Wow Joanna, what a good idea! Ruth is keenly learning French, but I'm not sure if we're up to translating yet. We've been enjoying reading the "Apple Tree Farm" books in French though!

    I love reading through your blogspot, it's very inspiring. Your homeschool sounds wonderful, and lots of fun:)

    with lots of love to you all
    Sian x