Monday, March 26, 2012

Follow the White Rabbit

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser around here.

Kitty turns 13 years old very shortly and we are expecting her cousin and best friend (Ruth) down for a few days with her mother (the loveliest most gentle person I know) and we are so excited. Kitty didn't want a party as such she just wanted to spend some time with Ruth and when her mum suggested they both come down for a few days visit it was the perfect opportunity to get together.

I've been secretly planning an Alice in Wonderland party for some time since we took out the stunning book Paper Cuts by Taylor Haggerty from the library. So while the girls were recently with their grandparents for a little break I cracked out the pva glue and string and started to create a little bit of wonderland for our home.

The White Rabbit:

This scrumptious little man is a Lindt chocolate rabbit. A middle size one (500g) which this time of year are fairly easy to come by in a large supermarket. I wrapped him well in cling film so that there was no chance for the PVA glue and acrylic paint to taint the chocolate. I then paper mache'd him up with a layer of white tissue using Decopatch glossy glue; a little slightly thinned PVA glue would have been cheaper and just as good but I had the decopatch to hand and I didn't have the PVA. Because white tissue is so transparent when used like this I then covered him with a layer of white acrylic paint followed with a final layer of white tissue and glue once the paint had dried.
His snappy little suit I painted on using acrylics in two shades of green, blue, brown and a tiny bit of yellow for his buttons. I based it on John Tenniel's original illustrations of the white rabbit.

The straws and gift bags:

Sourced from the lovely products at Project Pretty She will personalize flags and stickers for the bags and straws but I chose to make my own eat me/ drink me tags from Cath Kidston stickers I had hanging around.

This adorable fellow is a friend of the Mad Hatter and likes to sleep in tea pots. He came from the wonderfully creative Etsy shop Quernus Crafts and has been resident with us for only a few weeks.

X Jo

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