Monday, March 26, 2012


I am intermittently a clumsy person. I've known it most my life. From the time that I tried balancing along a tree branch (it doesn't just hurt for blokes!) to tripping down the cinema stairs last Friday. I will be a perfectly normal person for a few months before I morph into my alternative personality and begin banging my head into things, tripping over air and fumbling with innocuous objects. My early relationship with Matt was a miracle in survival and love- we were like Laurel and Hardy. Between me accidentally kneeing Matt in the head and on to getting a black eye when I inexplicably rammed my eye into his elbow the poor man still married me.

So in the last week I have:
  •  dropped a cake
  •  fallen down stairs
  •  poked Matt in the eye while he was driving
  •  dropped a teacup in a shop which managed to fall against a cake stand and a pile of plates: breaking six objects.
  •  walked into a door
The long and short of it all is that I broke the glass of my phone. So for all my bragging my last post... I still dropped it while checking my messages and my beautiful little case did nothing to save it. Traitor.

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