Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hands free

I like to carry my smart phone with me everywhere.

Not because I get calls... I get one or two a day (almost always from Matt).

Not because I have interesting apps (Windows 7 phone- was great but now getting a bit glitchy).

I just love it's carry case!!!
This was cross stitched onto cream evenweave and then just sewn with a felt lining to the right size with a ribbon for carrying. The design is by Kerry Morgan and can be found in Cross Stitcher isssue 247.  It has this adorable title line which you can personalize. Mine says "California Dreaming" and who can resist a classic? Not to mention; I do... dream of CA that is.

I love it. I don't have to scrabble in my bag looking for it, forgetting it on coffee shop tables, setting it down somewhere in the house where it disappears into the background because of the bland black colour, or (and yes sadly I have done this before) put it in my pocket where it slips out just as I go to use the loo!! No not for me because... THERE! SEE IT? My phone hangs sweetly from my wrist. 

I got approached by a bloke in the music industry who wanted me to make him some (500) to include with parcels he wanted to send out. After controlling my initial surprise and telling him it wasn't my design to sell I asked him how much he thought it was worth per item... Well let me just say that men in the music industry clearly have no clue how long it takes to produce a small cross stitch pattern because his assumption was grossly undervaluing my time not to mention Kerry's lovely design! 

So if you see me strolling down the sidewalk with my arm waving in the air crazily: I'm not hitchhiking/distressed/mad/having a heart attack. I just want everyone to look at my uber-awesome phone case!

X  Jo

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